METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Launch Your Library Career – Part IV

METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Launch Your Library Career – Part IV Friday, November 22, 2013 – 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
The Next Steps — Getting Started With Networking, Publishing, & Presenting:

Networking, publishing, and presenting are activities that you can do, or may want to do, at any and every stage in your career.
Whether you choose to do them, or are required to do them, this hands-on workshop will show you that they do not have to be as intimidating or as formal as you may think, and that the act of “putting yourself out there” can be good for your career, your self-confidence, and your future job prospects. We will discuss ways to get involved in library organizations, at various levels, and guide attendees to specific organizations that meet their needs. We will talk about how networking and “joining” and keeping options open can change the course of one’s career. We will provide participants with tips and tools to help them get started with writing and presenting, starting with ideas — so bring yours! We will emphasize starting small and building on ideas and projects, and discuss the different kinds of publishing in our profession today. We will also discuss the benefits of collaborative writing and presenting. There will be brainstorming, writing, and presenting exercises, as well as time to research potential publications and editors, and time for group discussion and support. Visit for more information and registration.

-Barbara Bonous-Smit, Queensborough Community College, CUNY

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