Committee for New Vision for ACRL/NY

ACRL/NY is embarking on a months-long process to re-envision our organization. The need for such an initiative has emerged over the past few years for a number of reasons, among these the recent challenges we have experienced with leadership recruitment and succession planning. Additionally, these pandemic-impacted years have led to the creation of new modes of interaction and operation. It turns out that we are not alone; other chapters have recently undertaken similar reflective processes.

We have constituted a Committee for a New Vision (CNV). This web page is part of our strategy to make this process as transparent as possible.

Mission/Vision Statement ACRL/NY Committee for a New Vision


To re-envision the structure, policies, procedures, mission, and vision of ACRL/NY. Our goal is  to ensure that ACRL/NY is: sensible and smart in its functioning; transparent in its governance; vibrant and dynamic in its programing; inclusive, diverse, and robust in its membership; and responsive to its members. 


We are committed to a nimble, transparent, and inclusive planning process. Our process is centered on: 

  • simplicity, 
  • open dialog, 
  • dynamic brainstorming, 
  • staying on task,
  • Cordiality, thoughtfulness, and respect. 


ACRL/NY’s Committee for a New Vision (CNV) has been meeting regularly since December of 2021 to discuss how we can improve our ACRL chapter and provide programming that is inclusive and responsive to our constituents’ feedback at our February Town Hall event and from our survey of members, past members, and symposium attendees. Among other innovations, we plan to make our website more timely and relevant and will establish a communications sub-committee to help keep members informed of events and issues throughout the year. In the meantime, we wanted to reach out with an update on the re-visioning process.

In a series of meetings the CNV has engaged in collegial, passionate, and at times heated discussion about our organization’s history, culture, and the needs of the populations we serve. We are critically examining our current structure, our existing groups and committees, and the nature of our events with an eye toward understanding and meeting the needs of our constituents. For example, we are exploring establishment of affinity groups to provide programming to meet the interests of specific populations, e.g. mid-career librarians. A reflective and responsive process of re-evaluation of these structures and offerings will become a regular part of our annual operations. We will also find new ways to build community among our members, and look to build new partnerships with other organizations as well. As we hopefully emerge during the next year or so from the pandemic-related world of fully remote operations, we are giving careful consideration to event format, deliberating over logistics, cost, accessibility, reach, and community.

Our work has provided insight into how the organization might be restructured to support both nascent and established leaders within our membership, for example by creating more opportunities for leadership at various levels of the organization, pairing new chairs with experienced chairs, and developing a comprehensive handbook to support those stepping into leadership roles.

We have two more meetings scheduled in June and July and plan to have a more detailed report posted on our website by late summer. For more details about our process, please visit the New Vision page of our website.

We would LOVE to hear from you! If you have questions or comments, please email with the words CNV Suggestion in the subject line.

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