METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Launch Your Library Career: Finding, and Getting, Your Ideal Job – Part II – Tuesday, May 21

Prospective employers and hiring committees will search for job candidates online, and what they find — or don’t find — may influence their hiring decisions. In this hands-on session, we will discuss the need for a professional online presence and ways to develop an effective social media strategy to market your professional qualifications. Attendees will get to create their own professional online portfolio using as a platform. We will also look at examples of portfolios and discuss organization, design, and the different types of information to include. Attendees are encouraged to bring electronic copies of CVs, resumes, and other professional materials to use (or link to) in their online portfolios. This workshop is intended for those who do not already have an online portfolio, or for those who want assistance in revising or building up an existing portfolio.

Who should attend:
Job seekers, at any stage in their careers, who want potential employers to be able to find them online, librarians who want to learn how to create and build up their professional online identity for promotion/advancement, librarians who want to learn how to use social media tools to network, and market themselves online.

By the end of this program, participants will know how to:

  • Understand the importance of online branding for self-promotion
  • Create, update, and manage their online identities
  • Market themselves and their skills using social media and profiles
  • Create a functional and professional online portfolio (using WordPress)

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