METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Launch Your Library Career: Finding, and Getting, Your Ideal Job – Part I -Tuesday, May 21

The number one goal for many of us, whether we are fresh out of library school or not, is finding a job. And not just any job — a job that we like, a job that we enjoy doing, a job that we can grow in and learn from and feel proud of, a job that will enhance our skill sets and propel our careers. But the process of finding a job can be a difficult one and, at times, long and treacherous journey. This hands-on workshop, the first in a series of Career Workshops, will help you feel more confident in your job search by giving you the tools to organize a search, find and analyze job listings, and write effective, compelling cover letters and resumes that will help you get you noticed — in a good way.

Who should attend:
Library school students who want to know how to organize and begin a job search, recent graduates who are applying for jobs, any librarian who is currently, or expects to be, looking for jobs, any librarian who wants to revamp his/her application materials (resume, cover letter) and reinvigorate his/her job search

By the end of this program, participants will know how to:

  • Analyze job descriptions
  • Find traditional and alternative job opportunities
  • Research potential employers
  • Write effective cover letters and resumes
  • Tailor application materials to a specific job
  • Avoid common resume pitfalls and understand what employers look for in application materials


Signing up for Part II – Creating and Managing a Professional Online Presence as well? Use code MAY21SERIES during registration to get $5.00 off each class.


METRO Training Center, 57 East 11th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10003