Call for Papers: Marketing Libraries Journal (MLJ)

Volume 7, Issue 1 (Winter 2023) / Special themed issue: Library Marketing Two Years Post-COVID: Adjusting to the New Normal

Deadline for Submissions: rolling deadline

Aim and Scope

Two years after COVID-19, our library marketing planning and activities have evolved. We are now compelled to use more digital marketing tools to communicate with our users more than ever before. Marketing Libraries Journal is seeking articles that address how your libraries have adjusted to the new normal, to reopening and serving your users in-person, and how COVID-19 has impacted your overall marketing strategies, planning, message, and behavior.

About the Journal

Marketing Libraries Journal (MLJ) is a peer-reviewed, independently published, open-access scholarly journal that focuses on innovative marketing activities that libraries are engaged in.  Our aim is to publish research and practical examples of library marketing campaigns, library marketing research, public relations campaigns, SWOT analysis, segmentation research, assessment of marketing activities, and tools used for marketing activities.  In addition to peer reviewed articles, the Journal also contains practical articles from different columns. Columnists will be accepting shorter articles on advocacy, branding, library marketing campaigns, “from the trenches”, and technology tools.