CFP: Urban Library Journal Special Issue

The editors of Urban Library Journal invite short (1,000- to 4,000-words), scholarly submissions for a special themed issue on Urban Libraries in a Pandemic. Submissions may consider any aspect of how urban libraries have been affected by and responded to the pandemic, including but not limited to:

  • the transition to fully remote services
  • decisions on closing and reopening
  • training staff and faculty in light of the digital divide
  • psychological trauma
  • xenophobia
  • social distancing
  • labor and employment concerns
  • the urban dilemma of physical space
  • reflections on the legacy of AIDS
  • archiving the pandemic
  • the value of information literacy in times of crisis
  • open access and the public good in urban environments

All submissions selected for publication will undergo rigorous peer-review.

Please contact the editors at and with general questions or recommendations. Please visit the ULJ homepage to read the complete Author Guidelines or to submit an article.

We look forward to reading your submissions!


Best wishes,

Leila Walker and Derek Stadler, Co-editors, Urban Library Journal