Spring 2024 ACRL/NY User Experience Discussion Group meeting (Fri March 22, 2024)- 11am

*** Please excuse any cross-postings ***ACRL/NY User Experience (UX) Discussion GroupSpring 2024 Meeting (via Zoom)How to Run a Usability Study: A Step-by-Step Guide You Can Take to Any LibraryDate: Fri March 22nd at 11am easternPre-register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYpdeGqrzkrGde47weazQ81WwZpEa82OVspMost of us know what a usability study is. We’ve seen countless articles across both the field of technical services and design, as well as library and information science. However, it can still feel inaccessible and difficult to design and execute a usability study in your own library.  In this discussion, Harini Kannan (Senior UX Analyst, New York University Libraries) will detail step-by-step how she has run multiple usability tests in her library.This session will run through how to: formulate and design a good usability test; secure buy-in from colleagues; recruit participants; analyze data; disseminate findings; and more.Join us for an informal discussion of learning how to apply user experience (UX) research in practice at your library! If applicable to you, please come prepared with specific questions around usability studies you have or would like to plan at your libraries. We can use this space to workshop your ideas and work on any concerns.Note: ACRL/NY meetings are a member benefit, so please ensure that you are an active ACRL/NY member (different from ACRL National membership).  *   If you have not become a member yet, please join online https://acrlny.org/join-us/  *   If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Werner Sbaschnik, membership secretary, at sbaschnikw@oldwestbury.eduAll ACRL/NY events, programs, and discussion groups are all guided by our Code of Conduct, https://acrlny.org/about2/code-of-conduct/ which we encourage you to review.Please reach out if you have any questions!Mark Aaron Polger and Harini Kannan, co-chairsACRL/NY User Experience Discussion Grouphttps://acrlnyux.grouphello@acrlnyux.group