ACRL/NY 2014 Symposium

The Academic Librarian in the Open Access Future
December 5, 2014
Baruch College

As the movement toward open access (OA) begins to impact our users and our institutions in increasingly complex ways, academic librarians will be called upon to forge and maintain a variety of productive and enriching relationships across the library, across campus, and beyond. What roles will we take on to help researchers negotiate an evolving scholarly communications landscape? To empower students to become skilled andA�responsible participants in an expanded universe of content?A�And what a�?best practicesa�? might we develop to build and strengthen the necessary collaborative connections?

Via invited speakers, poster presentations, and discussion,A�we will explore new opportunities and real challenges related to the open access future of academic libraries, considering case studies grounded in a range of institutional contexts. During small-group debriefing sessions, participants will have an opportunity to strategize with peers about how to support their users and find potential collaborators.

See the full Symposium website for the full program,A�A�posters, handouts and more!