RSVP- Fall 2019 meeting – ACRL Library Marketing & Outreach Interest Group- Nov 21, Berkely College, Manhattan Campus

ACRL National | Library Marketing & Outreach (LMOIG) Interest Group | Greater NYC

Fall 2019 meeting: Promoting Libraries to Non-Traditional Students


Thurs. Nov. 21, 2019 – 2:30pm-4:00pm
Berkeley College, Manhattan Campus
3 East 43rd street,  room 305

Light refreshments will be served!

Lightning Round Presenters – (15-20 mins)

1.       Reaching out to tired, busy, adult students: Rigorous Roundtables and Personal Librarians
Kate Adler, Director of Library Services, Metropolitan College of New York

After years of struggling to find programming that is relevant to our non-traditional student population, we’ve stumbled upon a template that seems to be working well. This presentation will discuss two such events;  “Pizza and Conversation”, a monthly roundtable discussion with topics chosen by the community and by library staff (on rotating basis) and facilitated by someone in the school community, a staff person or a faculty member. In addition, we have piloted a “Personal Librarian” program with students in our Welfare to Careers program.

2.      Streamlining Library Access for Online Students
Stephen Walker, Head of Access Services, Lehman College, CUNY

For the past several years members of an Urban Public College have been implementing changes to student library access. These changes include student off campus database access, automating Library barcodes, and the creation of digital ID cards.  This process was a joint effort taken in step stages from members of the Library, Information Technology, and Campus Security.  Through the coordination of these offices, students no longer have to activate their library accounts in person, thereby granting them access to digital resources upon the start of the semester.

3.      Welcoming Those Who Served: Library Outreach to Military and Veteran Students
Laurel Scheinfeld and Kate Kasten-Mutkus, Stony Brook University Libraries, SUNY
During the 2018 – 2019 academic year, Stony Brook University Libraries worked under the aegis of a campus diversity grant to create programming and collections which would directly benefit military and veteran students while at the same time making their experiences more visible to others in the campus community.  Librarians invited an off-campus speaker, himself a former U. S. Army captain and an award-winning novelist, in addition to collaborating with the Long Island State Veterans Home and Office of Veterans Affairs to organize a lunch with Veterans Home residents and veteran students, staff, and faculty members.

4.     Designing Engaging Outreach for Online Students Using Web-Based Tools
Maria Deptula and Jessica Kiebler, Berkeley College Online Campus

The Berkeley College Online Campus provides a distance learning education to students from around the world. Distance education technology provides these students with a robust online education, however, it can be challenging for librarians to engage fully with these students, educate them on using the library and teach research skills.  Berkeley College librarians have developed a wide variety of outreach methods to reach online students using web-based tools and the Springshare suite of products including LibGuides and LibWizard.

5.     Student Athletes: Library Outreach & Engagement Strategies (virtual presentation)
James Murphy, Outreach Librarian, University of Calgary

Student athletes can prove to be a challenging group for the library and library staff to connect with. They are often on the road and have training demands that put pressure on the already busy student schedule. This presentation will review ideas, strategies and programs that academic libraries or school libraries can use to connect with this group. This session will explore the hurdles and successes that the University of Calgary Libraries have had over the past few years trying to improve the information literacy skills of this important student group.

About the ACRL National LMOIG Interest Group:

Launched at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference, this interest group encourages regional meet ups around the U.S. as a central initiative. The ACRL National Library Marketing and Outreach Interest Group has been created for Academic Librarians interested in Marketing and Outreach. This group is open to all. For more information, please see our Facebook presence at

Our meeting is open to all!

Please bring photo I.D.

We look forward to seeing you!

Mark Aaron Polger, co-chair
Coordinator of Library Outreach
College of Staten Island, City University of New York

Maria Deptula, co-chair
Associate Director
Berkeley College (Online Campus)

Jessica Kiebler, co-chair
Instructional Services Librarian
Pace University Library