Introducing the ACRL/NY Writing Accountability Partners Program!

In need of some motivation and support to get your writing done? Want to brainstorm ideas for presentation or writing projects? Want to share research and productivity tips? Want someone to hold you accountable for your research and writing goals?
Sign up for our newly established Writing Accountability Partners Program!

This program connects people who are interested in, and in the midst of, research and writing; and who would like a partner to share goals, set deadlines, discuss strategies, provide tips and advice, and help find publication/presentation opportunities.

This is not a mentoring relationship, rather an agreement that you will connect with your partner on a regular basis to discuss your writing and research practices, to offer support and encouragement, and to hold one anotherA�accountableA�to the craft of writing and to actually getting things done.

You areA�not expectedA�to edit, proofread, or critique your partner’s work. The relationship, and the amount of effort and commitment you put into it, will vary and be defined by each partnership.


Register for the program here:

This is an ongoing program with rolling membership.

This program is available for current ACRL/NY members only.


If you have any questions, please contact us:

Linda Miles, New Librarians Discussion Group Chair @A�

Susanne Markgren, Mentoring Program Coordinator @A�