Innovative Practices in Academic Libraries

ACRL/NY Professional Development Committees invite you to Fall 2018 program on

Innovative Practices in Academic Libraries

WHEN: Friday, September 28, 2018, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

WHERE: Mercy College, Manhattan Campus — 66 W 35th St, New York, NY 10016.

Room# 723 (7th Floor). To enter building, show your State Id at the entrance.


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Program Details and Speaker:

Using Slack to Improve Staff Engagement

Matthew Pavlick, Columbia University and Lauren DeVoe, Columbia University

To improve staff morale and engagement, supervisors in Monographs Acquisitions Services in Columbia University Libraries implemented Slack, the emerging trend of chat communication in office settings. Slack allows for a less formal forum to exchange questions, ideas and answers through open and private channels. Slack works well with CUL’s Strategic Direction Initiative to empower and encourage increased staff participation in developing new workflows and streamlining existing ones. This talk will focus on implementation, benefits of less rigid communication structures and unexpected outcomes.

Augmented Reality Library Orientation: Planning the “Case of the Missing Laptop” Scavenger Hunt

Samantha Kannegiser, Berkeley College and Bill McNelis, Berkeley College

Does your library need an innovative approach to increasing student awareness and engagement with physical spaces, resources, and librarians? In response to student feedback indicating a lack of awareness of what we offer, our library created an augmented reality scavenger hunt set to launch at our Fall 2018 new student orientation. We planned the activity so that students can complete it independently and on their own time at any time during the semester. Students are oriented to the library’s two physical locations, physical and digital resources, and the librarians through a series of augmented reality videos that include clues leading them to the next location. Students not only become familiar with the library, but also learn about a new technology. At the end of the orientation, participants complete a short survey about their experience and what they learned. This allows us to assess how well the library orientation is meeting our objectives of teaching students about library spaces and resources. During this talk, participants will learn about the planning process for this project, including creating goals, a timeline, manageable steps, and tips for creating a successful project. We will also discuss the ways in which augmented reality can be used to engage students in a new and innovative way.

Marginalia, Value and Meaning: a Study

Richard Mako, QueensBorough Community College, CUNY

The talk will provide insight on the value of marginalia as created by patrons of the library at Queens Borough Community College, CUNY. The number of books were chosen from different areas of the literature section to provide a variety of samples. This study is the beginning of the exploration of this aspect not often explored in the literature

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