2016 Early Career Librarian Scholarship Winner – Mandy Babirad


By Mandy Babirad

I attended the ACRL/NY Symposium in 2015 when I was visiting faculty.  Since then, I took a new tenure track position at an agricultural/tech institution. I was so ready to talk about money and power.  Some highlights for me were Gr Keer and Lana Mariko Wood’s presentation on peer review and its myriad of issues.  I appreciated hearing their discussion about how their teaching practices take into consideration the school’s retention issues. Although  I’m still new at my current institution, I  saw similarities between their scenario and mine.  I’m now considering what my responsibility is to bring issues like peer review into information literacy earlier, as well as thinking about students who won’t return despite the institutions best efforts. What skills do we, as librarians in collaboration with other faculty, feel students should be equipped to go out into the world, while taking into consideration the reality that they might not come back?  It was a hard truth to consider, but something I see as important given how many layers of complexity exist for many people when it comes to being a successful student.

I also appreciated Shannon Simpson talking about TILE: The Toolkit for Inclusive Learning Environments. This is something I will be consulting in the future as I try to be better and do better for the incredibly diverse student body at my school. I am thankful for being introduced to tools that will help me achieve this.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at ACRL/NY this year. Fortunately, thanks to my doctor, I was not worried about this but he independently calculated the necessary dosage and the https://www.glenerinpharmacy.com/buy-valium-diazepam-online-10-mg/ period of admission for me. Now I do not take Valium, but is grateful to this drug for being able to get rid of attacks of possession and panic attacks. I took away something from everyone and hope to incorporate as much as possible into my teaching practice.

Mandy Babirad is the Instructional Services Librarian at Morrisville State College in central New York where she is responsible for library instruction and assessment, reference services and collection development in the areas of nursing, health sciences, and renewable resources. She earned a B.A. in International Relations from SUNY New Paltz in 2010 and her M.S.I.S. from SUNY Albany in 2012.

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