Call for Proposals: SUNYLA 2023 Annual Conference

SUNYLA 2023: SUNYLA Sets Sail; Academic Libraries Charting the Future 

Conference hosted by SUNY Maritime College
June 14-16, 2023

In an effort to help you submit the best proposals possible, Danielle S. Apfelbaum of SUNY Farmingdale will be holding a workshop detailed below:

Crafting Compelling Conference Proposals: Although there exists a growing body of professional literature dedicated to helping librarians write winning grants, publish peer-reviewed journal articles, and pen books, few tools exist to guide librarians through the process of crafting compelling conference proposals. In the absence of resources addressing this unique type of writing, developing clear and concise presentation pitches can be a daunting task. But, it doesn’t have to be. Developed by the workshop facilitator over a number of years, the LASTT model provides an easy-to-implement scaffold for isolating and addressing the most impactful elements of the conference proposal. Attendees of this workshop will learn to implement the model through a series of guided exercises. By the end of this session, participants will be able to identify, describe, and apply each component of the LASTT model (landscape, absence, side-effect, treatment, takeaways) to the development of a proposal for an upcoming conference. As part of this session, scaling descriptions from a blurb (e.g., 100 words) to an in-depth synopsis (e.g., 500 words) will also be discussed.

Time & Date: 10:00am Tuesday January 24, 2023 on Zoom: Link to Register

Deadline for workshop and presentation proposals:  March 8th, 2023

The Planning Committee for the SUNYLA Annual Conference is accepting proposals for pre-conference workshops, lightning talks, panels, and presentations in the following tracks:

  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Cataloging, Technical Services, and Collection Development
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
  • Leadership and Management
  • Open Educational Resources and Textbook Affordability
  • Outreach and Marketing
  • Professional Development
  • Public Services and Interlibrary Loan
  • Reference and Instruction
  • Scholarly Communication
  • Systems and Technology

The proposal form will allow you to assign more than one track to your presentation. If you are not sure which track your presentation fits into, there is an option to suggest a track.

We are planning an in-person conference, though we recognize that circumstances might change due to the ongoing pandemic.

If proposing multiple sessions, submit a separate form for each one.

Please submit your proposals here.

Presentation options:

  1. Pre-conference workshop

Date: June 14, 2023

Length: 90 minutes

Workshops are active training sessions where participants have the opportunity for hands-on practice or time for critical thinking and application.

  1. Presentation or panel

Dates: June 15–16, 2023

Length: 45 minutes

  1. Lightning talk

Dates: June 15-16, 2023

Length: 10 minutes

If you don’t think your topic needs a full 45 minutes, then consider sharing with a short lightning talk.

  1. Poster Session

Dates:  June 15, 2023

Length: 90 minutes

Poster Sessions will be an interactive way for conference participants to learn from you without having to give a complete presentation. Those who are interested may come to your designated table for more information.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you at SUNYLA 2023! Questions? Please contact Programming Subcommittee Chair: Dana Sinclair (