ACRL/NY Graduate Services Discussion Group (GSDG)- Spr 2024

ACRL/NY Graduate Services Discussion Group (GSDG)

Spring 2024 Meeting (on Zoom)


This is a Meet and Greet on Zoom.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 4 pm Eastern Standard Time

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Come and join us for a rousting discussion! This is the return of the Graduate Services Discussion Group after years of inactivity. It is time that those dedicated to services for graduate students in academic libraries have a forum to meet, share and discuss what they are doing and how they are working with their communities.

This inaugural session is a meet and greet format, informal and meaning that there is no set agenda, except one where we introduce ourselves, share our experiences, and talk about ways of fulfilling the needs of our graduate students.

Please keep in mind the following discussion questions:

  1. What do you want out of this group?
  2. What format should future meetings follow, e.g. discussion, site visits, lecture, guest speakers, workshops, roundtable discussions, resource sharing, best practices?
  3. How long should the meetings last?
  4. What is your best experience in working with graduate students? What has worked and not worked? What did you learn?

Because this is a meet and greet, you need not be a current member of ACRL/NY. However, for future meetings, attendees will have to join the organization.

All ACRL/NY events, programs, and discussion groups are all guided by our Code of Conduct, which you are encouraged to review.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

Michael Handis, Chair

ACRL/NY Graduate Services Discussion Group

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