ACRL/NY Discussion Group FOLLOW-UP: First-Year Experience in the Age of ChatGPT (05/10/2024)

ACRL/NY’s First Year Experience Discussion Group co-chairs Carl Andrews (Bronx Community College) and Derek Stadler (LaGuardia Community College), invite members to attend our Spring 2024 meeting.

FOLLOW-UP DISCUSSION: How can we as librarians compete with and possibly utilize AI technologies such as ChatGPT? 

Please join our discussion that will cover these themes:

  • How can ChatGPT be effectively integrated into information literacy instruction to support the goals outlined in the ACRL Framework?
  • In what ways can ChatGPT assist students in developing critical thinking and evaluation skills when conducting research and assessing information sources?
  • How might ChatGPT be used to facilitate collaborative learning and peer-to-peer support among students as they navigate the research process?
  • How can librarians assess the effectiveness of ChatGPT in improving students’ information literacy skills and outcomes, and what metrics or methods can be used for evaluation?
  • How can academic libraries collaborate with other campus stakeholders, such as faculty and technology

We ask that you read the following article ahead of our discussion:

James, A., & Hampton Filgo, E. (2023). Where does ChatGPT fit into the Framework for Information Literacy? The possibilities and problems of AI in library instruction. In College & research libraries news (Vol. 84, Issue 9, pp. 334-). Association of College and Research Libraries.

  • Date: Friday, May 10, 2024
  • Time: 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
  • Zoom Collaborative Discussion (based on NYS restrictions)

RSVP (before May 1, 2024)

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