Workshop on Data Visualization and Bringing Mindfulness to the Desk, Classroom and in the Stacks – 3-8-18

ACRL/NY Professional Development Committee invites you to a Spring 2018 workshop on:

Big Picture in Statistical Frame-A Data Visualization Project of Electronic Resources


Loving Kindness at Your Library: Bringing Mindfulness to the Desk, in the Classroom, and in the Stacks

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Program Details and Speakers

Big Picture in Statistical Framea��a Data Visualization Project of Electronic Resourcesa�� Price Changes in Academic Libraries:

Cheng Cheng, Acquisitions & E- Resources Librarian, James M. Milne Library, SUNY Oneonta

Colleen Lougen, E- Resources Librarian, Sojourner Truth Library, SUNY New Paltz

Academic libraries spend a significant amount of their expenditure budget on electronic resources. While e-resources are high-value assets, the expensive recurring costs and continual price increases of e-resources also make them a substantial budgeting burden. Therefore for the purpose of budget optimization, it will be helpful if librarians have a clear statistical view about trends and patterns of those price changes. Data visualization has proven to be an effective tool for library assessment and a support to decision making. Librarians from different SUNY institutions conducted a statistical analysis and data presentation project focused on the price changing trends of e-resources. They analyzed percentage, average, and median increases of e-resource titles by vendor and provided projections for future price changes. This data visualization project not only attempted to develop graphic presentations of price changing trends but also provided an opportunity to learn and practice different technologies and methodologies for interpretive data presentation. In sum, this workshop and talk will share visualized trends of price changes, and more importantly, and an opportunity to discuss data utilization in academic libraries.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will learn how to do a data visualization and statistical analysis project in academic libraries.
  2. Participants will learn trends and patterns of electronic resources’ price changes.

Loving Kindness at Your Library: Bringing Mindfulness to the Desk, in the Classroom, and in the Stacks:

Amber Billey, Systems & Metadata Librarian at Bard College Libraries

Lydia Willoughby, Research and Education Librarian, SUNY New Paltz

In this program, Speakers will provide insight on everyday mindfulness practices one can bring to their professional practice. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of the present moment in order to connect with and calm your mind. Participants will learn about freely available tools to further their mindfulness practice, address and define a�?loving kindnessa�? as a method of empathy in the workplace, and depart with techniques to survive and thrive as emotional laborers in a service profession.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will be able to define their personal understanding of a�?mindfulnessa�? and apply that to meditation techniques to use in everyday life.
  2. Participants will experiment with mindfulness approaches relevant to workplace situations in order to sustain behaviors of care for self and others.

*Light refreshments will be served

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Dr. Kanu Nagra, Electronic Resources Librarian
Chair, ACRL/NY Professional Development Committee

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