Introduction to Python and ArchivesSnake for Archivists – METRO New York Library Council – May 30, 2019

Ever need to make mass changes to your archival description? Need a list of accessions for the last year? Python is a powerful way to read and manipulate your ArchivesSpace data at scale, and ArchivesSnake manages the API calls for you, so you can read, sort, and edit your titles, dates, and notes with only a few lines of code. This workshop introduces archivists to the basics of Python and teaches them how to write basic scripts to work with the ArchivesSpace API.

This workshop is designed for archivists who have experience working with archival description, and want to learn how to work with data at scale, and explore Python as a tool to streamline or automate their workflows. Attendees will lean how to create and run Python scripts on their local computer and the basics of Python syntax. After that, they will dive right in and edit or write some code to query, reformat, and edit archival data with an ArchivesSpace instance that will be provided.

You might not become a Python pro in one afternoon, but this workshop will give you a foundation and some basic skills and examples that will later help you explore on your own. Come dive in and learn what is possible with Python and ArchivesSpace!

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About John Pell

John Pell is an assistant professor and librarian at Hunter College in New York City.

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