Inaugural Session of the Open Access Discussion Group

The inaugural session of the Open Access Discussion Group was held at Mercy College on Friday May 17, 2019.  Professor Cailean Cooney from City Tech Professor Cailean Cooney from City Tech LibraryLibrary gave a presentation, “Taking Your OER Program to the Next Level,” in which she discussed her library’s Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative, which supports professors as they create open versions of their courses.  She talked about how the program, called the OER Faculty Fellowship, got started and continues to sustain itself.  She also discussed successes, failures, and things to watch out for as you progress through your own OER programs.  Attendees discussed a variety of topics, including how to help professors who might lack digital skills, how to involve students in OER, and accessibility issues.  Professor Cooney has provided access to her presentation at the following:

This session was facilitated by Monica Berger (New York City College of Technology), Kathryn G. Shaughnessy (St. John’s University), and Billie Cotterman (Metropolitan College of New York).