Greetings from the 2013 ACRL/NY President


carrieLike many of our members, I am just returned from the ACRL national conference in Indianapolis, a�?Imagine, Innovate, Inspire.a�? The conference is always a good source for fresh ideas and compelling speakers for our own chaptera��s annual symposium, and we are looking forward to hearing from some exciting new voices at our next symposium on December 6th, 2013, at Baruch College Vertical Campus.

ACRL/NY ended 2012 with its 31st annual symposium, a�?Cultivating Entrepreneurship in Academic Libraries,a�? where five outstanding speakers presented on a variety of related topics:

  • Stephen Bell, ACRL president, a�?Want a More Entrepreneurial Academic Library? First Escape Your Culturea�?
  • Naomi House, founder of INALJ, a�?Ia�?dentity: building a brand by bucking the crowdsourcing trenda�?
  • Stephanie Walker, Chief Librarian at Brooklyn College Library, presented a case study, a�?Library Entrepreneurialism at Brooklyn College, CUNYa�?
  • Lisa Carlucci Thomas, founder of Design Think Do, a�?Designing the Imperative: Transformative Culturea�?
  • Maureen Sullivan, ALA President, a�?Creating a Culture of Innovationa�?

This year, the symposium planning committee is in the capable hands of Anice Mills. We are looking forward to a terrific program. Be on the lookout for details this spring and summer.

ACRL/NY recently launched a Professional Development Committee and extended the work of the Mentoring Program, in conjunction with the New Librarians Discussion Group. We also have a new First Year Experience discussion group led by our Immediate Past President, Caroline Fuchs. We continue to collaborate with METRO on developing webcasts, and thank them for their support of the forthcoming joint publication, The Global Librarian.A� Follow all of our activities on our web site a�� and while youa��re there, dona��t forget to renew your membership!

A special thanks to Monica Berger, Web Services Advisor, Danielle Becker, Maureen Weicher, John Pell on our Blogteam, Caroline Fuchs, Legislative Liaison, and Winifred King, and our 2012 Discussion Group Chairs:

  • Kathryn G. Shaughnessy, Distance Learning
  • Caroline Fuchs and Natalia Gelber, First Year Experience
  • Amy Ballmer, Graduate Services
  • Fiona Grady and Dianne Conyers, Information Literacy/Instructional Services
  • Maureen Weicher, Resource Sharing
  • Keith Muchowski, Special Collections and Archives
  • Linda Miles, New Librarians
  • Mark Aaron Polger and Albert Tablante, User Experience (UX)

As always, I encourage all members to actively participate in our sponsored events and programs.

Carrie Netzer Wajda, 2013 ACRL/NY President

This article was originally published in ACRL/NY Connections Vol.31, No.1, Spring 2013.

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