Assistant Director, Cataloging – BookOps, New York, NY


BookOps is the shared library services collaboration of New York Public Library (NYPL) and Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). BookOps coordinates the selection, acquisition, cataloging, processing, and distribution of library materials for the member libraries. BookOps Cataloging is responsible for providing bibliographic data and classification to make resources discoverable in the collections of NYPL and BPL.

Reporting to the Deputy Director for Collection Management, the Assistant Director of Cataloging is responsible for leadership in all aspects of the cataloging processes for NYPL and BPL collections. Directly reporting to the Assistant Director of Cataloging are the Manager of Branch Libraries Cataloging, the Manager of Research Libraries Cataloging, the Database Maintenance Manager, and the Cataloging Metadata Manager. These four teams comprise 44 staff positions in the department.

We are looking for someone we can count on to:

The striving for cataloging excellence in the work done by BookOps for the respective collections of the BookOps member libraries.

How the best cataloging techniques and standards help colleagues, researchers, and readers find the materials necessary to fulfill their queries and interests.

The strengths and needs of the BookOps’ Cataloging staff and the cataloging requirements and commitments for the BookOps’ member libraries’ specific collections.

Educational opportunities and staff engagement for the future of cataloging.

Some expectations for this role are that within:

1 month, this person will:
Become familiar with the range of collections and strategic partnerships of the BookOps’ member libraries and the departments related to those collections.
Get to know the basic systems and tools for cataloging used by BookOps’ cataloging teams.
Learn the cataloging workflows and innovations created by and used by BookOps’ cataloging staff, including vendor workflows
Meet stakeholders from all BookOps member libraries
3 months, this person will:
Begin direct supervision of the Cataloging team and begin direct work with colleagues from the BookOps member libraries..
Manage current large-scale cataloging projects and guide the four cataloging managers on managing their own projects.
6 months and beyond, this person will:
Present assessments of the strengths and areas for improvement in current cataloging practices and policies.
Start creating institutional plans for incorporating cataloging innovations and new standards into regular cataloging practice for the BookOps member libraries.


Leads and directs BookOps cataloging staff.
Supervises the management of all aspects of the cataloging workflow of print and non-print resources for BookOps’ member libraries.
Analyzes and establishes standards to maintain and improve upon departmental cataloging activities, including work with vendors and vendor supplied records.
Maintains NYPL and BPL cataloging priorities in collaboration with library stakeholders.
Collaborates with cataloging managers to formulate, interpret, and implement cataloging policy that conforms to national and international standards, as well as strategic partnerships such as NYPL’s ReCAP collaboration.
Documents and implements procedures and instructions for cataloging workflows.
Identifies system enhancements that improve cataloging and access.
Participates in the planning, coordination, and implementation of related workflows across BookOps departments.
Maintains contact with BookOps member libraries’ staff on issues or needs related to cataloging.
Keeps abreast of current trends, emerging technologies, issues, and research in library cataloging and works with cataloging colleagues to incorporate these new standards, technologies, and processes into regular cataloging practice.
Represents BookOps in professional and public forums on local, regional, and national levels.
Maintains statistics and compiles reports.

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