Assessing Library Value: Transforming Beliefs into Actions in Support of Student Success (March 19, 2019)

Megan Oakleaf, Ph.D.


St. John’s University Libraries 2019 Town Hall

Tuesday March 19, 2019

9:00am – 3:15pm

Queens Campus (live) – Staten Island (streaming)


Join the St. John’s University Libraries for a free, a day-long workshop on the value of academic libraries with Megan Oakleaf, Ph.D.

Dr. Oakleaf is an Associate Professor in the Syracuse University iSchool and an internationally recognized expert on the evaluation of libraries; outcomes assessment; and evidence-based decision making. The author of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries Comprehensive Review and Report, she has published in top library and information science journals including College and Research Libraries, Portal, JASIST, and Journal of Documentation.

As a notion, academic library “value” can feel amorphous, elusive and difficult to define. At the same time, library value is a concept all library employees must learn to articulate, capture, develop, and communicate in concrete and practical ways. Modern libraries must transform the belief that libraries support students, enable success, enrich teaching, empower learning, and ultimately change lives into actions that connect the dots between the provision and enactment of library services, resources, and facilities and the results those services, resources, and facilities have on students, faculty, and their overarching institutions. Library employees at all levels can integrate value concepts into their regular workflows by articulating linkages between what libraries do and the positive outcomes they enable for students; innovating to increase and improve impactful library services, resources, and facilities; and sharing with students and other institutional partners how they can engage with libraries for maximum personal, educational, and professional benefit. Join a lively, hands-on town hall meeting and take away ideas for getting started or staying the course in pursuit of library value!

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You will receive more detailed information and directions to the two sites once you have registered.  If you have any questions please call  P. Charles Livermore at 718 990 5330 or email to

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