A New Vision for ACRL/NY 2022

During 2022, ACRL/NY is embarking on a months-long process to re-envision our organization. The need for such an initiative has emerged over the past few years for a number of reasons, among these the recent challenges we have experienced with leadership recruitment and succession planning. Additionally, these pandemic-impacted years have led to the creation of new modes of interaction and operation. It turns out that we are not alone; other chapters have recently undertaken similar reflective processes.

We have constituted a Committee for a New Vision (CNV). This web page is part of our strategy to make this process as transparent as possible.

Mission/Vision Statement ACRL/NY Committee for a New Vision


To re-envision the structure, policies, procedures, mission, and vision of ACRL/NY. Our goal is  to ensure that ACRL/NY is: sensible and smart in its functioning; transparent in its governance; vibrant and dynamic in its programing; inclusive, diverse, and robust in its membership; and responsive to its members. 


We are committed to a nimble, transparent, and inclusive planning process. Our process is centered on: 

  • simplicity, 
  • open dialog, 
  • dynamic brainstorming, 
  • staying on task,
  • Cordiality, thoughtfulness, and respect. 


Feb 18, 3pm EST, via Zoom Town Hall “kickoff” event
Late Feb Survey and other information gathering
March Data analysis
And work on 1st draft of plan:

  • Mission/vision/goals
  • Some ideas of changes to structures/policies/initiatives that might flow from the mission/vision/goals

March 18 Report to Board

Early April Executive Board discussion of 1st draft plan
April Get information and input from various constituencies; revise plan
May Begin process to revise bylaws, if such changes are indicated
June Membership votes on any bylaws changes
September Plans in place 
October Nominations process/elections for 2023

Blog Posts

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Your Comments and Questions

Please submit comments or questions you have for our Committee for a New Vision. You may submit anonymously, or leave your contact information to receive a direct response.

Survey Questions

This survey is being offered in late February and early March of 2022, closing on March 6.