Upcoming METRO Professional Development Events

May 2013:
METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Launch Your Library Career: Finding, and Getting, Your Ideal Job – Part I
Tues, May 21A�A�|A�A�10:00am-1:00pmA�A�|A�A�$30 METRO, myMETRO & ACRL/NY Members; $40 Non-Members
Part I: Preparing Yourself, and Your Materials, for the ChallengeA�will help you feel more confident in your job search by giving you the tools to organize a search, find and analyze job listings, and write effective, compelling cover letters and resumes that will help you get noticed — in a good way.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/344/.

METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Launch Your Library Career: Finding, and Getting, Your Ideal Job – Part II
Tues, May 21A�A�|A�A�2:00pm-5:00pmA�A�|A�A�$30 METRO, myMETRO & ACRL/NY Members; $40 Non-Members
During Part II: Creating and Managing a Professional Online Presence, our instructors will discuss the need for a professional online presence and ways to develop an effective social media strategy to market your professional qualifications. Attendees will get to create their own portfolios and discuss organization, design, and the different types of information to include. This workshop is intended for those who do not already have an online portfolio, or for those who want assistance in revising or building up an existing portfolio.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/345/.

Library Leadership Lunch Webinar Series
$30 METRO, myMETRO & NY3Rs; $100 Non-Members
METRO is pleased to present a new webinar series with instructor Pat Wagner that will focus on topics surrounding leadership, management, and service in our libraries and other information organizations. We are offering all six sessions in the series exclusively at a discounted package rate. Registrants will receive access to each live program, as well as an archived recording of each program for future reference.
Principled LeadershipA�- Thurs, May 23rd:A�http://metro.org/events/337/
Improving Information Exchange in WorkplacesA�- Thurs, June 13:A�http://metro.org/events/353/
Supervisory Skills for New (and Old) Managers and LeadersA�- Thurs, July 18:A�http://metro.org/events/364/
What to Do When You Dona��t Know What to Do: Conflict First AidA�- Thurs, Sept 19:A�http://metro.org/events/363/
After the Internet and eBooks: The Future of the Information SocietyA�- Thurs, Oct 17:A�http://metro.org/events/365/
Virtual Customer Service Strategies: Solving Problems Via Email, Instant Messaging, and Social MediaA�- Thurs, Nov 11:A�http://metro.org/events/334/
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/articles/new-library-leadership-lunch-webinar-series/
June 2013:
Spring Speakers Forum with Hilary Mason
Tues, June 4A�A�|A�A�5:00pm-7:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee for METRO Members to attend, but registration is required; $20 Non-Members
METRO is pleased to welcome Hilary Mason to address the member community as part of our Spring Speakers Forum. Mason, Chief Scientist at bitly, will speak about innovation, data-driven decision making, access and discovery, and other areas of opportunity for libraries at the intersection of data and technology. Registration is open to the entire membership, but we strongly encourage METRO member directors to attend or send a delegate. Space is limited.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/362/.

METRO & SCIP Present: Capitalize on Change to Deliver Smarter Decisions, Competitive Advantage, and Growth
Thurs, June 6A�A�|A�A�11:30am-1:30pmA�A�|A�A�$10 METRO, myMETRO, SLA-NY, SCIP, & ASP Members; $15 Non-Members
While most business people think they know todaya��s reality and can identify emerging trends, they rarely do…and they are missing opportunities. In this session, Seena Sharp will guide you to re-frame your thinking about the power of competitive intelligence and how it will benefit your organization and lead to the best decisions — the first time.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/369/.

METRO & ACRL/NY Present: Demystifying the Working Life of a New Academic Librarian – What to expect in the first days, weeks, months & years
Thurs, June 6A�A�|A�A�5:30pm-8:00pmA�A�|A�A�$5 METRO, myMETRO & ACRL/NY Members; $10 Non-Members
As a follow-up to the February 2013 event, a�?Demystifying the Hiring Process,a�? which looked at the hiring process from the perspective of academic library search committees, this event will provide concrete information about what a new academic librarian might expect from his/her working life during the first days, weeks, months, and years on the job from a panel of new and early-career librarians.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/351/.

METRO & ART Present: Appraisal of Electronic Records (SAA DAS Workshop)
Mon, June 10A�A�|A�A�10:00am-4:00pmA�A�|A�A�$260 METRO & myMETRO; $235 SAA Member; $285 Non-Members
After a review of the fundamental principles of archival appraisal and appraisal policies, youa��ll be introduced to the unique issues that need to be addressed when appraising electronic records. Case studies will highlight the practical aspects of appraisal when dealing with electronic records.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/317/.

Web Screening: How to Run Great Training Webinars for Librarians
Wed, June 12A�A�|A�A�2:30pm-4:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Dan Freeman, Online Learning Manager for ALA TechSource and ALA Editions, will give you the information you need to run effective, productive webinars that fit your needs and budget. A veteran webinar planner and coordinator, Freeman will reveal the tricks to creating an interactive, dynamic, and flexible presentation.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/359/.

Web Screening: Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
Tues, June 18A�A�|A�A�10:00am-12:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
This program will explore natural, industrial, technological, building, and human hazards at their institutions. Review of disaster planning and prevention, disaster response, drying techniques, setting priorities, and documentation. Issues discussed will include what are the collections that are most critical to your institution and its mission, and what would be irreplaceable after an emergency?
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/367/.

Using MODS to Describe Cultural Heritage Resources
Fri, June 21A�A�|A�A�10:00am-4:00pmA�A�|A�A�$75 METRO; $60 myMETRO; $125 Non-members
As digital resources have exploded, the world has recognized the need for tagged metadata and a number of descriptive metadata formats have emerged. The Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) was developed in the early 2000s as a derivative of the MARC format to provide an XML format that is highly compatible with MARC and maintains much (but not all) of its richness. This workshop gives an overview of its purpose, design principles, data elements, and how it is being implemented particularly in digital library projects. It will also touch on its relationship to the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative.
Learn more & register atA�http://metro.org/events/304/.
Upcoming Special Interest Group Meetings:
Tues, May 21A�A�|A�A�6:00pm-8:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
To learn more and register, visitA�http://metro.org/events/366/.

Distance Education
Mon, June 3A�A�|A�A�10:00am-12:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
To learn more and register, visitA�http://metro.org/events/355/.

Bibliographic Instruction
Wed, June 12A�A�|A�A�10:00am-1:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
To learn more and register, visitA�http://metro.org/events/358/.

Economics & Business Librarians
Wed, June 19A�A�|A�A�10:00am-12:00pmA�A�|A�A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
To learn more and register, visitA�http://metro.org/events/356/.

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