School Librarian/Resource Center Teacher – Beijing, China

Position Description
The School Librarian/Resource Center Teacher at Tsinghua International School (THIS) will hold the key to student learning and growth outside the classroom. As a school focused on high academic expectations and centered on the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge through an Inquiry based learning approach, it is essential that the Librarian be well versed in the range of services from storytelling to senior research.
The Resource Center must function with adherence to the school’s stated Mission and Core Values.
This person will work under the direction of the Academic Vice Principal and will coordinate efforts with the Directors of the Primary and Secondary Divisions.
**NOTE: The Resource Center will be new at THIS for the 2013-14 school year. Therefore the first responsibility will be to organize the new library and continue to order materials books.
– Operate the library as a resource center for staff and students.
– Provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
– Establish and enforce policies and procedures that will ensure an orderly environment.
– In cooperation with the Division Directors and teachers develop a schedule for class visitations.
– Supervise one or more Resource Assistants.
– Utilize the Follett System for book circulation and organization.
– Teach a required Research Course to all ninth graders and possibly sixth graders.
– Work with teachers to provide instruction related to research at every grade level.
– Organize research materials and help teachers gather them for specific projects.
– Manage and evaluate databases.
– Maintain records of materials and periodicals.
– Provide detailed record keeping of late fee assessments.
– Order new materials in a timely manner.
– Maintain accurate records of material available for check out and return.
– Review and evaluate materials for audience appropriateness.
– Know the children and provide direction in the reading of books within various genres as well as appropriate reading and maturity levels.
– Reach out to the Beijing community for speakers, story tellers, etc.
– Involve parents as volunteers.
– Organize at least one Reading event involving parents and students each semester.
– Involve students as volunteers.
– Work with interdisciplinary teams of teachers as well as departments.
– Manage the computers and other electronic learning devices located in the Resource Room. Involve the computer technology people as appropriate.

– A degree in Library Science
– Certification as a School Librarian/ Media Specialist
– Knowledge and skills related to educational technology and electronic resources.
– Experience working with students from grade 1 – 12.
– Native-level English Fluency
– Flexibility
– Experience with the Follett system.
Salary and Benefits
– Annual salary based on experience and ranges between $30,000 and $48,000 with
an additional $600 for a Master’s Degree.
– $560 per month toward housing; $721 the second year.
– $3,200 toward Health Insurance.
– $80 per month added in to cover part of the taxes taken.
– A flight to Beijing. Teachers are picked up at the Beijing airport by our staff and
transported to the dorm where they may stay for up to 3 weeks without charge
while looking for an apartment.
– A flight home after school ends in June and after completing the terms of the
– School pays for the work visa and Heath Check. The Health Check takes place in
Beijing after arrival.
– The school will provide an orientation to the school and Beijing for new employees.
The orientation will include assistance in finding a suitable apartment.

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