Research Library and Publications Manager – Brookhaven National Laboratory – Upton, NY

Job Title: Research Library and Publications Manager
Job Classification: A-9
Job ID #299
Dept: AO/Information Services
Organization Overview
The Research Library is dedicated to ensuring that scientific and technical information resources are readily available to researchers in support of the Laboratory’s research mission. The Publications function ensures the capture and approval for release of research publications and ensuring their announcement and preservation in accordance with sponsors’ requirements.
Position Overview
The Research Library and Publications Manager will report to the Information Services Manager within the Information Technology Division (ITD). The Information Technology Division reports to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) within the Business Services Directorate.
Direct and oversee the Research Library to meet researchers’ needs for scientific and technical information in support of BNL’s multi-disciplinary research mission. Responsible for collection management and development including the licensing and acquisition of online scientific and technical content and databases; providing reference, interlibrary loan, and document delivery services; delivering user orientation and education programs; and enhancing the quality of the user experience.
Direct and oversee BNL’s Publications function including the development and communication of policies and procedures; providing processes and systems for the institutional review and release of scientific and technical information; working collaboratively with researchers, science management, and other stakeholders to meet contractual requirements; and serving as BNL’s Scientific and Technical Information Manager and liaison to the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (DOE-OSTI).
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
* Manage the Research Library by developing and implementing strategies to foster continuous improvement of library collections and operations. Responsibilities include
o Maintain current awareness of information needs through collaboration with the research community and engagement with the Research Library Advisory Committee
o Oversee the development of the collection, promote the use of licensed and freely accessible information resources, and provide tools to enhance the user experience.
o Collaborate with external peers within the DOE and at other research institutions and with consortia for the joint licensing and acquisition of online content and other information resources.
o Lead and participate in team negotiations with suppliers to initiate and renew institutional and consortial licenses and contracts, with attention to the preservation of the Laboratory’s institutional access rights.
o Oversee the ongoing evaluation of content to ensure alignment with the Laboratory’s research priorities and researchers’ access to a comprehensive, current, and cost-effective collection.
o Direct programming to promote user awareness and maximize utilization of library resources and services.
o Plan for future library relocation and renovation and create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study, research and collaboration.
o Maintain awareness of local, national, and international library and information initiatives and best practices, through active participation in professional networks including the National Laboratories Library Coalition (NLLC), and the Special Libraries Association.
o Maintain knowledge of advancements in information technology including library services platforms, institutional repositories, and collection management tools.
* Manage BNL’s Publications function including
o Establish, communicate, and interpret policies and procedures to ensure compliance with contractual requirements.
o Collaborate with internal stakeholders including researchers, science managers and their designated Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Contacts; Operations Security; and Intellectual Property Legal Counsel to ensure that policies, procedures, and systems effectively meet requirements.
o Develop and enhance the web-based computer system to facilitate the capture of research publications, obtain the required reviews and approvals for release, and ensure their preservation in the institutional repository.
o Ensure the announcement of BNL’s publications as contract deliverables to DOE-OSTI.
o As the Laboratory’s STI Manager, serve as point of contact and liaison to DOE-OSTI.
o Address and resolve, whenever possible, researchers’ issues with policies, procedures, and systems while ensuring compliance with requirements.
o Provide guidance to staff and researchers regarding public access, copyright, appropriate use of licensed resources, and copyright transfer agreements, in consultation with Intellectual Property Legal Counsel as appropriate.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
* Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science or a closely related field from an accredited school.
* Ten (10 years) experience in management of a research, scientific or technical library in a research or academic setting.
* Knowledge of information management principles.
* Knowledge of publishers’ pricing policies and methodologies.
* Knowledge of related technology and trends including library services platforms and institutional repositories.
* Proven ability to manage digital collections including the application of metadata standards, and the use of collection management and discovery software tools.
* Ability to develop and implement policies, procedures, and workflows for electronic systems in collaboration with stakeholders.
* Proven proactive customer service orientation and commitment to customer service.
* Demonstrated skill in negotiating with information providers to obtain best value and ensure the preservation of institutional access rights.
* Proven ability to guide and support an experienced staff in negotiations with information providers, resolution of customer problems, and interpretation of policies and procedures.
* Supervisory skills including the ability to define roles and expectations, establish goals, monitor performance, provide performance feedback, and foster teamwork.
* Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills including planning, introducing, and managing change.
* Excellent verbal and written communication and public presentation skills
* Strong planning, organization and time management skills.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
* Degree or certification in a related scientific or technical discipline.
* Scientific, technical and engineering subject knowledge and knowledge of related information resources.
* Experience in using scientific and technical databases for bibliometrics reporting.

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