Research Impact and Evaluation Librarian — Samuel J. Wood Library and C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center, Weill Cornell Medicine — New York, NY

The Samuel J. Wood Library/C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center has been the traditional information hub of Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) and seeks an Impact and Evaluation Librarian to launch a new program to support individuals and groups in their understanding, assessment, visualization, and reporting of impactful outcomes of research and clinical care efforts across the enterprise. This position is expected to be a significant contributor to campus-wide evaluation and assessment activities.

Position Reports to: Director (until Associate Director is hired)

Position Activities:
1. Serves as primary liaison at WCM for issues related to research assessment and impact, grant reporting and renewals, rankings, and unique scholarly identifiers.
a. Aggregates and analyzes data from a variety of sources to assist individuals and groups with reporting the impact of faculty and institutional publishing and research activities.
b. Provides impact data to support grant applications and renewals and to assist departments and programs in faculty recruitment.
c. Provides specialized research support to faculty, students, and administrative staff in areas related to assessment and evaluation.
d. Develops automated tools to better assess research impact, using non-parametric methods when possible.
e. Develops and delivers workshop-style sessions on topics related to understanding research impact, reporting impact to funding agencies, optimizing dissemination of research outputs, ORCID, publication strategy for maximum dissemination of information, and so on.
f. Keeps abreast of current developments and trends of scholarly publication and dissemination, publication and preservation of scholarly works.
g. Selects resources (electronic resources, journals, and software tools) to support this area of effort.
h. Is an expert at using software tools to visualize impact, and capably trains others in the use of these tools.
i. Works with faculty and students to develop working relationships, ideas for new programs and services, and a deeper understanding of service needs.
2. Contribute to the data tracking, evaluation and reporting activities of the Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical College at WCM.
3. Able to identify and quantify research outcomes in a variety of creative or novel ways
a. Searches the medical and other literature types to find results or outcomes of scientific or research endeavors
b. Is facile with a variety of citation and other databases, knowing the strengths and limitations of each
c. Capably searches databases beyond the literature, to identify valid research impact or outcomes
d. Able to search the web for grey literature with impact or outcomes data
e. Able to statistically analyze data found for relative meaning of outcomes
4. Contributes to library-wide planning activities and collaborates with colleagues on projects in areas of shared interest. Actively participates in appropriate library programs and services where appropriate.
5. Manages projects to effectively and efficiently provide services. Seeks grant opportunities to fund innovation efforts.
6. Attends faculty and student research seminars, department-wide conference and college symposia to keep abreast of current research. Serves on college and Library committees as appropriate.
7. Participates in scholarly societies, attends academic conferences, and represents the Library in relevant academic activities.
8. Provide light to medium editing services to help investigators prepare compelling grant submissions.

Required Qualifications and Competencies:
a�? Mastera��s degree in library or information science from an ALA-accredited program or international equivalent, or other appropriate degree or equivalent experience.
a�? Strong ability to think and act strategically, and demonstrated success at bringing conceptsa�?to realization while meeting deadlines.
a�? Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively with a diverse population of faculty/staff, students, and colleagues.
a�? Proficiency with bibliographic and citation databases, including PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, and Google Scholar.
a�? Ability to create customized search strategies that consider database structure and have high precision, ensuring that data is clean and accurate.
a�? Ability to use bibliographic management software to de-duplicate data sets so that only one record goes into the final search results.
a�? Awareness of alternative sources of information about research outputs, including grey literature sources and other databases.
a�? Demonstrated ability to learn new technology tools/skills.
a�? Evidence of professional initiative and problem-solving skills.
a�? Excellent analytical, interpersonal, time management, organizational and problem-solving skills.
a�? Excellent written and oral communication skills; demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both in person and virtually using a variety of media and technologies.

Preferred Qualifications and Competencies:
a�? Experience on a library and/or college-level evaluation or assessment committees.
a�? Experience providing instruction and/or support on topics related to research assessment and scholarly identity.
a�? Experience with data visualization and data visualization software platforms, as evidenced by a portfolio of data visualization work.
a�? Instruction in data analysis and/or visualization (either in formal credit-bearing courses or in MOOC-style experiences).
a�? Proficiency with Excel or other spreadsheet/reporting platforms.
a�? Demonstrated experience providing instructional and reference services including the creation of online tutorials, surveys, or guides.
a�? Demonstrated ability to work creatively, independently, and collaboratively.
a�? Statistical analysis expertise

Working Conditions:a�?Position requires working in an office environment where there are a few physical discomforts such as dust, dirt, noise and the like. Ability to work off-hours and weekends during periods of heavy work such as during budget season and for emergencies is required. Ability to work more than 40 hours a week during periods of heavy workload is also required. Light travel between office locations, primarily within Manhattan is required. Occasional travel to represent the Samuel J. Wood Library at conferences, or to work with affiliates, may also be necessary.

Privacy Notice:
As part of the Information Services Management team it is remotely possible that this position could have exposure and/or access to protected health information (PHI) as part of normal duties. Access to data within systems that contain significant portions of confidential staff or even medical records may be necessary for completion of daily tasks.
With regard to HIPAA and protection of employee and patient privacy, it is the responsibility of each WCM employee to limit viewing of PHI to the minimum as necessary to perform assigned duties.

Please email cover letter and curriculum vitae to with Research Impact and Evaluation Librarian in the subject line.

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John Pell is an assistant professor and librarian at Hunter College in New York City.

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