New METRO Library Instruction Meetup in the New METRO Space — June 14, 4:30 PM

Calling All Instruction Librarians: What Keeps You (and Your Colleagues) Up at Night?

Plus: Launching the New METRO Library Instruction Meetup in the New METRO Space!

Join us for an exciting and productive 2-part event.

First, we will explore the new METRO presentation, workshop, and studio facilities, and discuss the opportunities afforded to build our community and learn together. In addition to a larger and better equipped workshop space, there are smaller meeting rooms, informal gathering spaces, and a studio where METRO will make equipment and new technologies available for membersa�� use.

Next up, we will open the floor to targeted discussion: what is happening in your library and on your campus?
Are you and your colleagues instruction collaborators or independent operators? How do you work togethera��or alongside one another? What works well? What not so much?
Has there been an effort to bring the ACRL Framework into practice, and how did it go?
If you were to articulate a personal wish list for IL on your campus, what would it include?
What failures have you experienced? Has there been any value added in recovery from failure?
What keeps you and your colleagues up at night? What is your deepest concern related to library instruction right now?
Free and open to all! Light refreshments will be served!

WHEN: Wednesday June 14, 4:30pm a�� 6:30pm
WHERE: METRO, 599 11th Avenue (between 44th & 45th Streets), 8th floor (directions)
STAY IN THE LOOP: Sign up for the METRO Library Instruction Meetup

About John Pell

John Pell is an assistant professor and librarian at Hunter College in New York City.

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