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Every month, METRO offers an exciting range of learning and networking opportunities a�� details and registration are just a click away!

New Additions to

New training videos are now available online to METRO members at A�A career development course on Building Professional Connections, how to use the new Adobe Creative Suite 6, and updated Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail courses are just a few of the new additions. A�You can see more of‘s latest releases at A�To request free access through METRO, simply email Laura Forshay at, Subject: Lynda, with your name and member institution or myMETRO membership status.

Webinar Screening: Best Practices in Virtual Reference – What the @#$? A�Dealing with Rude Patrons Online
Thurs, June 14 A�| A�1:00-2:00pm A�| A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Join us at METRO for this in-person webinar screening. A�Not all virtual reference exchanges are friendly chats, despite our best efforts. A�Hear and share some effective ways to deal with rude users without losing your cool. A�Stick around for discussion with METROa��s Reference Special Interest Group immediately after the screening.
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Webinar: Collaborative Digitization Showcase – Digital METRO Grant Projects
Tues, June 19 A�| A�2:00-3:15pm A�| A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Please join us for this webinar highlighting three recent METRO-funded collaborative digitization projects. A�Attendees will hear first-hand from project participants about their experiences. A�Speakers will provide an overview of their projects and discuss the nature of collaborative efforts, as well as share issues encountered and lessons learned in the process.
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Webinar: Overcoming Backlogs in Audiovisual Collection Processing
Wed, June 20 A�| A�3:00-4:00pm A�| A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
This webinar will display the concepts behind the Audiovisual Community Cataloging toolset – a collection of guidelines tools designed to help organizations establish intellectual control over their materials in a more cost-efficient manner – and the current set of resources that have been developed. A�AVPS and METRO are looking for organizations to be beta testers of the tools prior to their free release to the public.
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myMETRO Researchers Project Presentations
Mon, July 2 A�| A�6:00-8:00pm A�| A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
On January 28, 2012, four teams of myMETRO members embarked on research projects to investigate cutting edge topics of their choice, including Occupy Wall Street, Fashion Blogging, Lifelong Learning, and Social media. A�Join us as each team presents their findings and shares their reserach process at this special event.
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Webinar: Collaborative Digitization Showcase – Local and Global Collaboration
Wed, July 11 A�| A�3:00-4:00pm A�| A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Collaborative digitization projects are an important method of exposing library collections to a broader audience and meeting usersa�� growing demand for online resources. A�During this program, we will hear from colleagues at two METRO member libraries on their recent involvement with collaborative digitization projects on a local and global level.
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Introduction to Omeka
Thurs, July 12 A�| A�10:00am-12:00pm A�| A�$35 METRO & myMETRO; $40 Non-Members
This will be an overall introduction to using Omeka to publish your cultural heritage objects on the web. A�Wea��ll cover the basics of how web publishing systems work, and where Omeka fits in that ecosystem, as well as how to add content, files, and metadata to an Omeka site.
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Introduction to Theming with Omeka
Thurs, July 12 A�| A�1:00-2:30pm A�| A�$20 METRO & myMETRO; $30 Non-Members
We will look at the overall structure of Omeka themes, from the default templates to the best practices for developing your own themes for Omeka. A�This will be very hands-on, with activities to show how to override default templates, customize CSS and PHP, and write completely new template pages. A�Some experience with PHP and/or designing themes will be helpful, but not necessary.
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Introduction to Omeka Plugins
Thurs, July 12 A�| A�3:00-4:30pm A�| A�$20 METRO & myMETRO; $30 Non-Members
Wea��ll coveer the basic Omeka plugin structure and common techniques for creating plugins to accomplish various kinds of tasks. A�This includes an introduction to the Model-View-Controller pattern, and how it is implemented in Omeka, as well as an introduction to Omekaa��s hooks and filters systems. A�Some experience with PHP, especially Object-Oriented PHP will be helpful for this session.
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Leadership Readiness: Are You Ready for the Challenge of Leadership?
Tues, July 17 A�| A�10:00am-1:00pm A�| A�$25 METRO & myMETRO; $35 Non-Members
In this workshop, instructor Trevor Dawes will provide a brief overview of some types of leadership roles one can have within an organization or association and will lead attendees through a series of exercises to help them assess their readiness to assume these roles.
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Webinar: Being an Effective Facilitator
Tues, July 17 A�| A�2:00-3:30pm A�| A�$10 METRO, myMETRO, & NY3Rs; $20 Non-Members
Focus groups, staff meetings, brainstorming sessions, learning sessions – all of these activities require an effective facilitator. A�Discover ways to improve participation and production both face-to-face and online.
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Webinar Screening: Libraries and Linked Data – Looking to the Future
Thurs, July 19 A�| A�2:30-4:00pm A�| A�There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Join us at METRO for an in-person screening of this ALA TechSource webinar. A�Library Data Guru and consultant Karen Coyle will give attendees an overview of the tools currently available for the creation of linked data. A�Youa��ll get the most current information on linked data in libraries and discuss how it will shape the future of the library.
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Upcoming Special Interest Group Meetings:
Thurs, June 14 | 2-4pm | A�Learn more & register at:

Please contact Laura Forshay at, 212.228.2320 x 119 with any questions.

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