Films from New Yorka��s Vault III: Archives Go To the Movies! The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc.; 32 Second Avenue; Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (ART) Programming Committee is pleased to announce the final program line-up for the May 2012 event, Co-Sponsored by Anthology Film Archives:

Films from New Yorka��s Vault III: Archives Go To the Movies!

Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (ART) and Anthology Film Archives are excited to collaborate again on a very special one-night program of films from the New York areaa��s diverse community of archives, museums, and libraries. This third annual screening a�� featuring a singular combination of documentaries, educational and industrial films, and experimental filmmaking a�� provides a unique opportunity to experience the diversity of the various institutions that care for collections of cultural and historical significance in metropolitan New York. A glimpse into New Yorka��s vault! We hope you will join us for this very special screening:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A�A�A� 6:30 pm a�� 7:30 pm Social (and ART By-laws Voting for ART Members)
A�A�A� 7:30 pm a�� 9:00 pm Screening

A�A�A� ART Members and Non-Members – Regular Admission $ 9.00
A�A�A� ART Members and Non-Members – Students and Senior Citizens $7.00 (I.D. checked at door)

A�A�A� Anthology Film Archives
A�A�A� 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd Street)
A�A�A� New York, New York 10003

Online registration is required to guarantee your place at the Social and Screening:

Tickets will also be available at the door for walk-ins, if spaces are available, and do not include social.

Final Program Line-Up:

TEENAGE COSMONAUTS (USSR, 1980) Color, Sound, DVD. Running time 17 minutes, 30 seconds. Documentary film, produced for foreign distribution, on the topic of the special schools instituted in the Soviet Union to train youngster in the skills to prepare them to be cosmonauts or to work in related fields. Also featured is footage of design and model-making (of space vehicles and equipment) competitions by these children. English voiceover and titles in Cyrillic. Produced by Ukrainian Newsreel and Documentary Film Studios for the Union of Soviet Societies For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Tamiment Library, New York University

HANDLING THE MENTALLY ILL (1969) Color, Silent. Running time approximately 3 minutes. The New York City Police Museum.

FOOTAGE OF NIKITA KRUSCHEV AND FIDEL CASTRO VISITS TO NEW YORK CITY (circa 1960) Black & White, Silent. Running time approximately 7 minutes. The New York City Police Museum

PLACING SAFETY CONES (1969) Black & White, Silent, 16mm. Running time approximately 10 minutes. The New York City Police Museum

[MAIN STREET, USA] (Date unknown) Color, sound, 16mm. Running time 16 minutes. a�?a��this town, is designed for spies – spies who, after completion of their training, will one day infiltrate American society and report their findings to the Soviet government.a�? The New York City Police Museum

ANITA NEEDS ME (1963) Color, Sound, 16mm. Running time 16 minutes. Anita Needs Me is a tour de forcea��a panting, overheated Bronx tale of lust, guilt, sacrifice, redemption, and…mother. The Kucharsa�� response to the French New Wave comes complete with a voiceover narration by George in definitively purple prose, a typically brilliant music soundtrack, and a visual sense to rival any of their contemporaries. Most remarkably, Georgea��s handheld camera work, with its subjective protagonista��s view and Kuchara��s own hand reaching into the frame, is a major precursor of his diary video stylea��twenty-five years avant la lettre. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives as part of the Avant-Garde Masters Grant program administered by the National Film Preservation Foundation and funded by The Film Foundation

Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc. would like to thank the following persons and organizations to whom we are grateful for making this screening possible: Anthology Film Archives: Jed Rapfogel, Film Programmer, Tim Keane, Print Traffic Coordinator/Print Manager, John Klacsmann, Archivist; Tamiment Library, New York University: Erika Gottfried, Curator of Nonprint Collections; The New York City Police Museum: Joshua Ruff, Curator; Rachel Bayla Moskowitz, Archivist, who inspired us with her Repository Review, a�?The New York City Police Museum: 16mm Film Collection Revealeda�? in Metropolitan Archivist:

Anthology Film Archives is an international center for the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video, with a particular focus on independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema. For more information:

Please register by midnight on Wednesday,A� May 9, 2012.

Please do not contact the host venue for any reason. All inquires for this ART Monthly Programming Committee Event should be sent to:

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