Community Engagement 101 – METRO event, 10/26/17

Community Engagement 101

by Metropolitan New York Library Council

Go beyond the survey and into meaningful dialogue! Join us in this interactive workshop as we will learn multiple approaches and techniques to engage with library patrons, and collaborate, listen and learn. Explore how community engagement can improve library services, collections, and help libraries understand how their work is really seen by the community.

In this workshop, wea��re going to break up our time into two parts. First, wea��ll focus on clarifying what community engagement is from the lens of a library; walk through the preparation process for these types of experiences, including setting goals, choosing the appropriate framework, identifying stakeholders, planning and logistics. Then, we will introduce the role of the facilitator, introducing opportunities to guide the conversation and set expectations. Throughout the workshop, we will use a participatory model to demonstrate tips and tricks for planning an engagement experience.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools to:

  • set achievable goals and objectives for the engagement
  • select the most appropriate type of experience for your desired outcomes
  • determine best practices for planning a successful experience with consideration for your context
  • manage expectations while leading productive conversations


This class is a series of professional development trainings to empower METRO members to better engage with their patrons, facilitate community conversations around timely or controversial topics, and make more space in libraries for the productive exchange and evaluation of differing ideas and information. Each class stands alone but will work as a series as they build upon each other.

November 16th: Supporting Productive Conversations

Want to host a conversation in your library but arena��t sure how to get started? How do you create space for a productive discussion? This training will help you build your skills for facilitating roundtable meetings and other public discourse in your library.

December 7th: Participatory Decision Making

Libraries both large and small need to garner input from donors, patrons, and other community stakeholders when making important decisions. This training will help you build a toolkit of techniques and approaches for facilitating productive brainstorms, planning, and decision-making meetings.


About our instructor

Kristina Drury is a social entrepreneur, designer, and educator. Her mission-driven firm, TYTHEdesign, uses the lens of design and strategy to support social good organizations develop creative solutions, build their capacity and enhance their impact. Under her leadership TYTHE has increased the community impact of over 100 local and global social good organizations including the NYC Dept. of Education, Brooklyn Public Library, The Earth Institute and California State Library System.

Most recently, she has been recognized as an Innovation Expert for UNDP and selected to present at Clinton Global Initiative Universitya��s annual conference. As an educator, she has taught classes, workshops and training to build the capacity of over 2000 change-makers, civic servants, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her teaching and speaking experience includes engagements at the Cooper Hewitt, Harvard and Columbia.


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