The name of the organization shall be the Greater New York Metropolitan Area Chapter/Association of College and Research Libraries, Inc. (ACRL/NY). The Greater Metropolitan area is understood to include the five boroughs of New York City, the Long Island counties of Nassau and Suffolk, Westchester County, and the counties in the Lower Hudson Valley.


The principal office of the Corporation shall be located in the City of New York, County of New York and State of New York. The Corporation may also have such offices at such other places as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine.


The Chapter is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes, including without limitation the encouragement of cooperation among the college and research libraries of the Greater New York Metropolitan area; the promotion of the professional welfare and status of college and research librarians; the encouragement of local participation in national issues concerning academic and research libraries and librarianship; the advancement of standards of library service in the academic and research libraries of this region; and the mentoring of librarians new to the profession. Furthermore, the Chapter seeks to find common ground with educators in the advancement of those causes that promote the objectives of the organization. The association is not organized for pecuniary profit or for financial gain and no part of its assets or net earnings shall be distributed to, or inure to the benefit of, its members, officers, or any other private individual. Reasonable compensation, however, may be paid for services rendered to or for the association in furtherance of its purposes. Notwithstanding any other provision of these bylaws, the association, shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of its charitable, scientific, literary or educational purpose.


This Corporation is an affiliate of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. It is subject to Article XV (Chapters) of the Bylaws of ACRL National, as approved by the ACRL Board of Directors, April 29, 1998.


Section 1, Qualifications for Membership

Membership in ACRL/NY is open to all persons willing to meet the Chapter’s dues obligations and interested in the concerns of academic and research libraries and librarians. There are three classes of membership in ACRL/NY:

  1. ACRL National members.
  2. Non-ACRL National members.
  3. Current students in schools of library and information science and those who have retired from the profession.

Section 2, Dues

The amount of dues shall be determined by the ACRL/NY Board of Directors. In keeping with our mission of encouraging new members to the profession, library school students may pay a reduced rate. Dues shall be payable by January 1 and entitle membership to the Chapter through December of that year.


The corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors, which shall consist of the members of the ACRL/NY Executive Board.


Section 1A, Elected Officers

Elected officers of the Corporation shall be: a President, a Vice-President/President Elect, an Immediate Past President, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, Treasurer Elect and three members-at-large. All elected officers shall be members of ACRL/NY, and the President and Vice-President/President Elect shall also be members of ACRL National. All officers are encouraged to belong to ACRL National.

Section 1B, Appointed Officers

Appointed officers of the Chapter shall be the Membership Secretary, News Editor, Chairs of Discussion Groups, Archivist, Legislative Liaison, Professional Development Committee Chair, up to six members of the Professional Development Committee, and Web Services Advisor. Officers may be appointed by the President of the Chapter with the advice and consent of the Executive Board. All appointed officers shall be members of ACRL/NY and are encouraged to belong to ACRL National. Appointed members are expected to attend Executive Board meetings on a regular basis and report on their pertinent activities at such meetings. If they are unable to attend, they should communicate their activities to the ACRL/NY Executive Board by a written report or through a representative.

Section 2, Terms

The President and Vice-President/President Elect shall be elected from the membership of ACRL/NY and shall serve for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. The Recording Secretary shall be elected from the membership of ACRL/NY and shall serve for two years or until a successor is elected and qualified. The Treasurer shall be elected from the membership of ACRL/NY and shall serve for three years or until a successor is elected, based on their willingness to serve, and qualified. A new treasurer shall be elected every two years and the treasurer-elect and the treasurer will serve together (overlap) for one year for training purposes. Members-at-large shall be elected from the past or present ACRL/NY Executive Board, on a staggered schedule, and shall serve for three years or until a successor is elected. The appointed officers shall be appointed by the President of the Chapter and shall serve for one year with continuous reappointment by the ACRL/NY President at the discretion of the ACRL/NY President.


All officers of the Executive Board shall be voting members. Voting on Executive Board matters can be conducted by proxy or by e-mail, if necessary. The Executive Board shall meet regularly throughout the year and the officers shall attend at least two thirds of all Board meetings. If officers cannot or do not attend at least two thirds of all Board meetings in one year, they may be asked to resign.


Section 1, Duties of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall work together to carry out the objectives of ACRL/NY. The Board shall meet regularly to plan, promote, review, and evaluate activities of the Chapter, Professional Development Committee and Discussion Groups. The Board shall both solicit and receive suggestions for activities from ACRL/NY members, and shall act on requests for events sponsored by any ACRL/NY unit. It shall conduct all business pertaining to the Chapter, and have authority to make decisions for the Chapter during periods between Chapter meetings.

Section 2, Duties of the President

The President of ACRL/NY shall be the official spokesperson for the Chapter; shall be the
chairperson of the Executive Board; shall have authority to appoint standing and, as appropriate, ad hoc committees; shall have authority to appoint interim elected officers in the event of an unexpected vacancy; in the event the Vice-President is unable to chair the ACRL/NY Symposium Planning Committee, shall preside over the Committee; shall prepare an annual report of ACRL/NY activities for forwarding to ACRL National headquarters and for the Chapter records and membership; shall regularly contribute articles to “Chapter Topics,” (the newsletter for Chapters Council), reporting activities and events in the chapter; shall represent the chapter ACRL Chapters Council at the Annual and Midwinter meetings of the American Library Association or shall appoint a member of the Chapter to be a representative; shall represent the chapter at the ACRL National meeting; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of President. ACRL/NY shall fund the conference registration; lodging and travel for the President or a representative to attend ACRL Chapters Council meetings at ALA Annual and midwinter, providing funds are available. ACRL/NY shall fund conference registration, lodging and travel for the President to attend ACRL National providing that funds are available.

Section 3, Duties of the Vice President

The Vice President/President Elect shall serve in the absence of the President; shall coordinate the activities of ACRL/NY and its three sections, its committees, and its discussion groups; shall chair the ACRL/NY Annual Symposium Planning Committee; and shall undertake other duties customarily associated with the post of Vice President/President-Elect. The Vice-President may choose a symposium co-chair and chair(s) of the nomination committee. ACRL/NY shall fund conference registration, lodging and travel for the Vice President to attend ACRL National providing that funds are available.

Section 4, Duties of the Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall prepare and distribute minutes of the Executive Board meetings to this Board; shall be responsible for the maintenance of Chapter records; shall assist the President and other officers in carrying out their duties; shall give continuity and coordination to the Chapter’s efforts; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of Recording Secretary.

Section 5.1, Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall handle the financial matters of the Chapter; shall prepare an annual
Treasurer’s Report for inclusion in the Chapter records; shall assist the President and other
officers in carrying out their duties; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of Treasurer, and serve as a mentor to the Treasurer Elect for one year.

Section 5.2, Duties of the Treasurer Elect

The Treasurer Elect shall handle the financial matters of the Chapter; shall prepare an annual Treasurer’s Report for inclusion in the Chapter records; shall assist the President and other officers in carrying out their duties; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of Treasurer Elect, and be the mentee of the Treasurer for one year.

Section 6, Duties of the Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee will develop programs and events (in person, online or both) that would be of interest to ACRL/NY members in all of the geographic areas (New York City, Long Island, Westchester/Lower Hudson Valley). This includes collaborative initiatives with the ACRL/NY Discussion Groups, library organizations in the greater metropolitan New York area and outreach to MLIS students. The Professional Development Committee will develop programming recommendations to the interest of its members for approval by the ACRL/NY Executive Board. The committee may recommend a chairperson who shall serve as liaison between the Executive Board and the Professional Development Committee members; shall assist in promoting and implementing the Chapter’s goals; shall assist the President and other officers in carrying out their duties; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of Professional Development Chair.

Section 7, Duties of the Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary shall handle the registration and confirmation of all new and
renewing members of the Chapter; shall handle requests for loan or sale of the ACRL/NY
membership mailing list, including first seeking approval of the Executive Board; shall conduct the annual membership drive early in the calendar year and its related promotion and publicity; shall assist the President and other officers in carrying out their duties; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of Membership Secretary.

Section 8, Duties of the ACRL/NY News Editor

The News Editor shall, in consultation with the Executive Board, solicit articles, edit, publish and distribute the newsletter to Chapter members, with final approval from the president prior to publication. And, shall coordinate any print, electronic or archival dissemination of the Newsletter with the ACRL/NY Technical Advisor, and Treasurer; shall assist the President and other officers in carrying out their duties; and shall undertake those other duties customarily associated with the post of News Editor.

Section 9, Duties of the Web Services Advisor

The Web Services Advisor shall create, promote, maintain and/or ensure access to the main ACRL/NY website and all related online tools and venues; shall provide appropriate technical assistance for all users; shall coordinate the timely posting of messages, information, events, etc.; shall assist in implementing and promoting new technologies as needed; shall assist the President and other officers in carrying out their duties; and shall undertake other duties customarily associated with the post.

Section 10, Duties of the Legislative Liaison

The Legislative Liaison shall inform the Chapter of legislative and other governmental activities of importance to academic librarians, and shall represent the Chapter at the annual National Library Legislative Day.

Section 11, Duties of the Archivist

The Archivist shall organize, maintain, and make available the archives of ACRL/NY and house the records.


Section 1, Committee

A Committee to nominate candidates for Vice President/President Elect, and as necessary, for the Recording Secretary and for the Treasurer, shall be appointed by the Vice President/President Elect, with the approval of the President, no later than the June meeting. In conducting its work, the committee shall keep in mind the following objectives:

  1. the importance of developing leaders among the newer members of the Chapter;
  2. the desirability of reflecting the representation of the various interests of, and geographical distribution of, the Chapter’s membership;
  3. that written consent must be secured from each candidate;
  4. that candidates should be presented in blocks of two names each if at all possible; write-in candidates are permissible;
  5. that the Chapter membership shall be informed of the nomination schedule and process in a timely manner and be encouraged to submit suggestions for candidates.

Section 2, Reporting of the Nominees

The Nominating Committee shall report its slate of nominees to the President no later than October. Nominations of candidates from the membership (other than those presented by the Nominating Committee) shall be accepted and placed on the ballot if they are filed with the Chair of the Nominating Committee no later than 1 October. Written consent of these nominees must accompany such nominations.

Section 3, Right to Vote

All members of the Chapter shall be eligible to vote on the elective positions of the Chapter.

Section 4, Elections

Elective positions for the Chapter shall be determined by a simple majority of the membership. The candidate receiving the simple majority of votes shall be elected. In case of a tie vote, the successful candidate shall be determined by lot.


Section 1, Executive Board

A majority of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2, Chapter

Twenty-five percent (25%) of general members shall constitute a quorum of ACRL/NY for the transaction of all business.


ACRL/NY shall hold a minimum of one general membership meeting per year at a time and place to be determined by the Executive Board (e.g., as part of the Annual Symposium). Other general membership meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Board.


There shall be a Professional Development Committee of ACRL/NY:

Section 1, Members

The Professional Development Committee shall consist of a chair of the committee and up to six appointed members.

Section 2, Professional Development Programs and Events

The Professional Development Committee shall hold at least three programs or events directly related to the professional development of the membership during the year. The Chairperson of the Professional Development Committee shall request approval from the Executive Board prior to announcing or holding any program or event under the sponsorship of ACRL/NY. Every effort should be made to be inclusive of the ACRL/NY Geographic Sections Associated with ACRL/NY.

Section 3, Reporting

The Chairperson of the Professional Development Committee shall report on its programs and activities either in writing to the Chapter President, or by in-person presentation at the Executive Board meetings within one month following the meetings program(s) or event(s).


Section 1, Establishment

Members of ACRL/NY may form a Discussion Group on a particular topic, issue or specialty upon written petition from the group to the Executive Board, and upon receiving approval from the ACRL/NY Executive Board.

Section 2, Members

Membership in a Discussion Group shall be open to any members of ACRL/NY who are
interested in the purpose of the group.

Section 3, Officers

Each group shall have a Chair or Co-Chairs who will be appointed by the ACRL/NY President; reappointments may be conferred annually by the Chapter President. The Officer(s) of a Discussion Group shall submit in writing to the Executive Board an “Events Request Form” for approval prior to announcing or holding any program or event under the sponsorship of the ACRL/NY Discussion Group. In addition to the regular duties of the office, the Chair shall see that the group’s activities are limited to discussion of common concerns within the purpose of the group; that the Chapter Bylaws are observed by the group; and that the activities of the group are communicated regularly to the Executive Board by attending Board meetings as specified in Article VII of the ACRL/NY Bylaws and/or by submitting an “After Event Report.”

Section 4, Meetings

Programs (e.g. speaker presentation, workshop, library tour) shall be called by the Chairperson of the specific Discussion Group.

Section 5, Dissolution

A Discussion Group may be dissolved at its request to the ACRL/NY Executive Board or if it becomes inactive or fails to comply with the provisions of this article and shall be so dissolved by the Executive Board which shall communicate this action to the general membership.


Section 1, Authorization

Committees of ACRL/NY as a whole shall be authorized by the action of the Executive Board, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws.

Section 2, Types of Committees

Standing Committees may be established to consider matters of the Chapter that require
continuity or attention by the members. When such a committee is established, its function, name and size shall be determined in consultation with the Executive Board. Unless otherwise approved by the Executive Board, members of standing committees shall be appointed for terms of up to two years, and may be reappointed for a second, but not a third, consecutive term. Only Executive Board action can make an exception to extend committee membership beyond two consecutive terms.

Ad Hoc Committees or Task Forces may be established to consider specific matters for a finite period of time not to exceed two years. When such an ad hoc committee or task force is established, its function, name, membership, and size shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 3, Appointment

The Vice-President/President Elect of ACRL/NY shall appoint committee members to fill the vacancies occurring during his/her term as president; he/she may name the chair of each committee or request the committee to elect its own chair. Special appointments to fill vacancies on committees may be made by the ACRL/NY President.

Section 4, Discontinuance

A committee may be discontinued only with the authorization of the Executive Board.


Appointments made to fill vacancies in elective and appointed positions shall be made in
accordance with the Bylaws of ACRL/NY and when not specified, of ACRL National.


The membership year, the fiscal year, and the elective and appointive year for ACRL/NY shall be the calendar year, January through December.


Electronic votes shall be authorized and conducted according to the Bylaws of ACRL/NY, and when not specified therein, then by the Bylaws of ACRL National.


The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (newest edition) shall govern ACRL/NY in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws of the Chapter.


All proposals for amending the Bylaws of ACRL/NY shall be referred to the Executive Board. A proposed amendment shall become effective when it shall have been approved by a majority of the members of the Board present and voting at two consecutive meetings, followed by ratification by the general membership of ACRL/NY by electronic vote. At least one months’ written notice shall be given to the general membership of the text of the proposed amendment(s) and/or revisions before final consideration.

Revised and approved: December 2012

Download the ACRLNY-Bylaws-2012 as a PDF file.