METRO Professional Development

September – October 2012

Every month, METRO offers an exciting range of learning and networking opportunities a�� details and registration are just a click away!

September 2012:
Introduction to WordPress for Personal Site Design
Fri, Sept 14A� |A� 10:00am-1:00pmA� |A� $60 METRO; $35 myMETRO; $75 Non-Members
This workshop will walk you through the basics of using WordPress as a content management system for your entire website.A� Attendees will get hands-on experience that they can take back to their homes or offices. Learn more & register at

Webinar: Dealing With the Unexpected at Work
Tues, Sept 18A� |A� 12:00-1:30pmA� |A� $20 METRO & NY3Rs; $15 myMETRO; $30 Non-Members
Instructor Ulla de Stricker will offer illustrations of how the attitude with which we encounter the unexpected is paramount in retaining sanity and balance in the workplace. Learn more & register at

Introduction to XML for Resource Description, Metadata Management, and Electronic Text Encoding
Mon, Sept 19 and Mon, Sept 26A� |A� 10:00am-4:00pm each dayA� |A� $150 METRO; $125 myMETRO; $200 Non-Members
This is an intensive workshop geared towards catalogers, technical service staffs, electronic resources librarians, and others interested in the use of XML for metadata organization and text encoding.A� Participants should be familiar with basic HTML, but no prior knowledge in XML or programming is required.
Learn more & register at

Webinar: Steps in a Digital Preservation Workflow
Thurs, Sept 20A� |A� 3:00-4:30pmA� |A� $10 METRO,A� NY3Rs, & myMETRO; $20 Non-Members
Bill LeFurgy will outline generic considerations and processes for building and managing a digital preservation workflow.A� The presentation will consider the workflow within the larger context of a digital content life cycle, which runs from information creation through to ongoing discovery and access. Learn more & register at

Managing File-based Collections for Smaller Institutions
Fri, Sept 21A� |A� 10:00am-4:00pmA� |A� $25 METRO, myMETRO, & Non-Members
This workshop introduces digital collection caretakers to utilities and processes that will help them perform routine archival tasks in the file-based domain. Learn more & register at

Vendor Demo: PrivCo
Tues, Sept 25A� |A� 12:30-1:30pmA� |A� There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Come join us for an informative presentation from, the first and only database focused solely on private company financial intelligence. Learn more & register at

Site Visit: NYPL Digital Imaging Lab
Thurs, Sept 27A� |A� 10:00am-12:00pmA� |A� $10 METRO & myMETRO; $20 Non-Members
Terrance Da��Ambrisio, the Manager of NYPLa��s Digital Imaging Unit, will offer a tour of the Librarya��s digitization lab at its processing facility in Long Island City.A� Following the tour, Greg Cram, NYPLa��s Rights Clearance Analyst, will give a talk regarding his role within the Library digitization process. Learn more & register at

October 2012:
Webinar: Responsive Web Design for Libraries
Mon, Oct 1A� |A� 3:00-4:30pmA� |A� $10 METRO,A� NY3Rs, myMETRO, & Non-Members
Instructor Matthew Reidsma will give an introduction to responsive design and walk through the creation of a simple responsive library webpage that looks great on every device and eliminates the need to maintain separate websites for a�?desktopa�? and a�?mobilea�? devices, while offering equal access to all. Learn more & register at

Designing Presentations: Beyond the Basics
Tues, Oct 2A� |A� 10:00am-4:00pmA� |A� $40 METRO; $30 myMETRO; $50 Non-Members
Learn how to incorporate design elements to create captivating, memorable, and effective slide presentations. Learn more & register at

Building Brands that Engage
Thurs, Oct 4A� |A� 10:00am-1:00pmA� |A� $35 METRO; $25 myMETRO; $45 Non-Members
Instructor Amanda McCormick will talk about defining core institutional values in branded initiatives that invite community participation.A� From ideas on events and campaigns to how to execute your ideas across platforms and on-site events, this course will equip you with a range of practical, actionable strategies. Learn more & register at

New Competencies for Leading Innovation and Change in the Knowledge Economy
Thurs, Oct 11A� |A� 10:00am-5:00pmA� |A� $50 METRO; $60 myMETRO; $100 Non-Members
This workshop will focus on how to lead innovation and change in an increasingly complex information and knowledge environment, and the new competencies required to influence decision-making and empower staff to adapt to new challenges. Learn more & register at

Book Talk with NPR Librarian, Kee Malesky
Mon, Oct 15A� |A� 5:30-8:30pmA� |A� $10 METRO, myMETRO, & SLA-NY Members; $20 Non-Members
NPR Librarian Kee Malesky will talk about her unique and wonderful job, and about writing her collections of interesting and unusual facts: All Facts Considered (2010) and Learn Something New Every Day (2012).

Basic Introduction to Encoded Archival Description (EAD)
Tues, Oct 16A� |A� 10:00am-1:00pmA� |A� $30 METRO; $25 myMETRO; $50 Non-Members
This workshop will introduce participants to the basic workings of Encoded Archival Description (EAD), the metadata standard for encoding descriptive archival information.A� A brief lecture will cover the structure and main elements of an EAD document, followed by hands-on exercises in an EAD finding aid. Learn more & register at

Success Stories Panel Discussion
Thurs, Oct 18A� |A� 6:00-8:00pmA� |A� $20 METRO, myMETRO, NY3Rs, & SLA-NY Members; $30 Non-Members
During this panel discussion, we will talk with three information professionals who have found work during these difficult economic times.A� We will hear about their job hunting experiences, advice they received, and what strategies they recommend for others seeking employment.

Upcoming Special Interest Group Meetings:
Joint Government Documents / Smartphones & Mobile Computing SIGs Meeting
Wed, Oct 3A� |A� 9:30am-12:00pmA� |A� There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
Government Mobile Apps Learn more & register at

Please contact Laura Forshay at, 212.228.2320 x 119 with any questions.

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