2013 CLIR Participatory Design Seminar: Sharing Research, Ideas, and Methods June 5-7 University of Rochester – Rochester, NY


Wednesday, June 5

6 a�� 8pm

Welcome Reception

Thursday, June 6

9amA�- noon

Opening: Nancy Fried Foster

Keynote: David Lindahl, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Planning, University of Missouri – Kansas City

Project Presentations

a�?A Recipe for Participatory Design of Course Pagesa�? a�� Sue Cardinal (UniversityA� of Rochester)

a�?Co-viewing: Creating Broader Participation in Ethnographic Library Researcha�? a��A� MarilynA�Pukkila and Ellen Freeman (Colby College)

a�?ImprovingA�Norlin Commons: AnA�iPad +A�Evernote Approacha�? a�� Mark Werner (University of Colorado Boulder)

Roundtable discussions: project planning

Noon a�� 1:30pm

Luncheon in the Library

1:30 a�� 5pm

Project Presentations

a�?Portrait of One Floor: A Rich Picture of What Students Are Doing in a Library Spacea�? a�� Susanna Cowan and Joelle Thomas (University of Connecticut)

“Quantitative and Qualitative Studies at Butler Library: Exploring Student Use of Library Spaces” a��A�NisaA�Bakkalbasi (Columbia University)

a�?Replicating Rochester: Developing a Feasible Multi-Institution Study of the Use of Medical School Librariesa�? a��A�Jonna Peterson and Jeanne Link (Rush Medical College)

Roundtable discussions: getting support from peers and administrators

6:30 a�� 8:30pm

Dinner at a wonderful Rochester restaurant, compliments of CLIR

Friday, June 7

9amA�- noon

Keynote: Susan Perry, College Librarian and Director of Library, Information and Technology Services Emerita, Mount Holyoke College

Roundtable discussions: taking action based on project findings

Project presentations

a�?Participatory Design of the Active Learning Center, a Combined Classroom and Library Buildinga�? a�� MichaelA�Fosmire and VickiA�Killion (Purdue University)

a�?Library Practice AS Participatory Design: Integrating the Philosophy and Practice of Participatory Design into the Fabric of Everyday Library Operationsa�? a�� GeoffA�Swindells and Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University)

Closing: Nancy Fried Foster

Noon a�� 1:30pm

Concluding Luncheon in the Library

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About John Pell

John Pell is an assistant professor and librarian at Hunter College in New York City.

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